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Sure Seal - Tile Sealer Aerosol Tile Impregnator
Sure Seal® Grout & Tile Aerosol Sealer – World’s first aerosol grout and tile sealer, specifically formulated to seal grout lines between glazed ceramic tiles. Overspray on surrounding ceramic tiles is not a problem, as Sure Seal® dries invisible. Winner of the “Best New Industry Product” award in Oct. 2003 by the Australian Tile Council. This quick-drying impregnator can be applied to bench tops, bathroom/shower recesses, small floor areas on all types of grout, tile and masonry surfaces. Can be used to seal damp/wet grout within 20 minutes of installation, as well as dry grout. Will not harm aluminium, wood or carpet.


Sure Seal -Tile, Grout & Masonry Sealer Quick Drying Liquid Impregnator
Penetrating Sealer for Grout, Tile And Masonry- Quick Drying Impregnator in liquid form using same formulation as award-winning aerosol. Suitable for all types of tile and masonry surfaces, including grout (damp/wet or dry), quarry tile, sandstone, terra cotta, limestone, stucco, concrete, porcelain, marble and granite. Helps protect treated surface against oil and water-based stains.


Sure Seal - Porcelain Sealer Slow Drying Impregnator for Porcelain
Slower-drying impregnator, specifically formulated to seal porcelain, granite and marble, but works equally as well in preventing oil and water-based stains on all types of tile and masonry surfaces, including sandstone, limestone, terracotta and concrete.


Sure Seal - Ezy-As 1.2.3 Interior & Exterior Sheen Based Sealer
Ezy-As 1.2.3. a sheen-based impregnator for interior and exterior unpolished surfaces such as slate, pavers, terracotta, limestone, concrete.
Ezy-As 1.2.3., an industry first, is actually three products in one! Achieve the level of sheen needed by the application of one, two or three coats. Purchasing more than 3 or 4 products for different levels of sheen, is a thing of the past!
Ezy-As 1.2.3. is all in one…. one coat for a low sheen, two coats for a semi-gloss and three for a full gloss. The product is low odour, water-based and non-flammable and will maintain a tough, durable finish that resists abrasion. It won’t peel or flake off the treated surface and repels both oil and water-based stains. Easy to apply; clean rollers and brushes after use with water.


 AQUA Seal

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